Current Donors

The following alumni, parents and undergraduates have donated to the Beta-Xi Annual Fund in the current year. Their support makes a significant difference and is greatly appreciated!

James W. Smith ’43
Allan J. Huber ’47
Paul C. McKnight ’48
Howard Wiggins ’51
Richard D. Graffis ’51
Dean H. Maddox ’53
Rev Burton S. Froom Jr ’54
Donald V. Tartre ’54
James W. Fletter ’58
Peter W. Cole ’60
George E. Bate ’62
Michael Rothschild ’62
Richard C. Keller ’63
John I. McKibben ’64
Richard W. Phillips ’73
Brendan A. Ward ’75
Thomas E. Mulvihill ’78
Brian L. Spivack ’81
Michael H. Levendusky ’82
Richard G. Costello ’87
Aron F. Szecsey ’04

Previous Donors